“Creedence Clearwater Revival-The Singles Collection” Review (Vinyl Version)

By Nick Arietano Jr.

Creedence Clearwater Revival is one of the greatest and most successful American Rock ‘N Roll Bands of all time, and “The Singles Collection” proves it in more ways than one. This boxed set contains all of the songs that made the charts between 1968-1972 on the Fantasy Label as well as their first on the Scorpio label “Porterville”/”Call It Pretending” released in 1967 (the original release had the group’s name as The Golliwogs and is rather scarce in record collecting circles, so I was very happy that they included it in this set). Both of these songs were credited to T.Spicebush Swallowtail, whom in reality is your friend and mine, John Fogerty.

All 15 singles are neatly packaged in gorgeous cardboard picture sleeves, some being from other countries. These include “Suzy Q . (Pt.1)” and “Suzy Q. (Pt. 2)”, “Green River”/”Commotion”, and “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”/”Hey Tonight”.

The set also includes a beautiful full color booklet featuring an essay by former Rolling Stone Editor Ben Fong-Torres and pages of photos containing picture sleeves and promo ads for all of the CCR singles released foreign and domestic.

The Sound quality on all of the singles is superb! The Promotional “45 Revolutions Per Minute (Pt. 1)”/”45 Revolutions Per Minute (Pt. 2)” is in stereo and all of the original hit singles are featured in their AM/FM Radio Mono Formats. In my humble opinion, I much prefer the mono mixes of the singles, reason being songs like “Suzy Q . (Pt. 1)/”Suzy Q. (Pt.2)” and “I Put A Spell on You”/”Walk on The Water” just jump right out of the one channel (the feedback on “Suzy Q” in mono sounds like you’re right there in the studio next to the amp), and “I Put A Spell On You”/”Walk on The Water” sounds way more eerier and the ghostly guitar parts make me feel as though I’m watching the man “Walk on The Water” with John Fogerty.

If you’re a big CCR fan, or getting into the group for the first time, give this set a listen. It’s been brilliantly remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley CA the way these works of musical art were meant to be heard!

See you all “Up Around The Bend”! Happy Listening!

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