“Sometimes ‘Rumours’ are great to hear”

By Nick The RecordLover

I’ve been familiar with Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” since forever. What classic rock fan has yet to hear this landmark album? Here’s the rub, though. It took me 40 years (yes, you read that right) to FULLY appreciate it. I can remember hearing the tracks “Go Your Own Way”, “You Make Lovin’ Fun”, “Dreams”, and “Don’t Stop” played on almost every FM station in 1977. I loved all of the tracks, but “Go Your Own Way”, “You Make Lovin’ Fun”, and ” Don’t Stop” were my favorites.

I’ve heard this album in many formats: The original 1977 LP, The 5.1 Surround Sound DVD audio, and as we speak, the 2019 4 CD boxed set. The sound of the LP has that warmth that only emits from that format. The DVD Audio (which I bought used for 50 bucks on EBAY), sounds flawless, and to have the entire album spread through 5 channels (keep in mind, the DVD Audio was released in 2001), is a euphoric experience. Christine McVie’s and Stevie Nick’s vocals sound dreamier and more angelic than ever. Lindsey Buckingham’s guitars especially on “Second Hand News” and “Never Going Back Again” Mick Fleetwood’s drums sound like they are right in the room. John McVie’s bass is more up front in the mix.

If you’ve yet to hear the 5.1 DVD Audio (I would assume you already own the LP), definitely search and strike while the iron’s hot.

The 4 Disc collection of “Rumours” contains the original album beautifully remastered, a “Live” 1977 “Rumours” World Tour, one disc dedicated to early takes and demos, including an instrumental and vocal track of “Keep Me There” “Planets of The Universe” and a short ballad demo of “Doesn’t Anything Last”. Disc 4 has more recording sessions and outtakes mostly from the LP, and outtakes such as “Planets of The Universe”, “Butter Cookie (The Early title of Keep Me There). I really enjoyed listening to Disc 3 and 4, reasons being I experienced how this masterpiece of an album was put together. I love the outtake versions of “Go Your Own Way”, “Silver Springs” and “I Don’t Want to Know”.

Do yourselves a great treat. Pick up the 4 disc set. It can still be found on EBAY for a great price. If you enjoy it as much as I did (and still do), spread the “Rumour”!


Nick The RecordLover

Author: recordlover

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my page! I've been collecting records for over 36 years and it is my passion to search for original pressings of albums by The Beatles, Stones, British Invasion, 1960s-1970s artists, and more!

2 thoughts on ““Sometimes ‘Rumours’ are great to hear””

    1. Hi Marianne thanks for commenting! I’ve become more of a fan of this album more recently. Now it’s one of my favorites. “Silver Springs” was included in the Deluxe set of the album as well as the DVD Surround Sound Audio. It was originally the B Side of “Go Your Own Way”. It’s great to hear it as part of “Rumours”. “Oh Daddy” is another good one off of the album. “Never Going Back Again” has great guitar by Lindsey Buckingham.


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