“Fascinating ‘Facets of Folk'”

By Nick The RecordLover

Mara Levine is one of the finest Folk-Singers of our time. She’s in great company with Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Judy Collins. When she sings, it’s the Music of The Angels. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and discussing folk music and who her main influences are. She remembers growing up listening to Simon and Garfunkel. Speaking of whom, she did a fine rendition of Paul Simon’s “Leaves That Are Green” which kicks off her 2013 effort “Jewels and Harmony” and gives her spin on Tim Hardin’s “If I Were A Carpenter” on her 2008 album “Mara’s Gems”.

What makes “Facets of Folk” so endearing? It’s the musicianship of Folk Artists Gathering Time and Kim and Reggie Harris on beautiful harmony vocals on “Daughters and Sons”. It’s chanteuse Mara who gently yet fervently drives home the adage: “You Reap What You Sow…So you Better Plan Wisely”. It’s the classic songwriters who are immortalized like Leonard Cohen. Mara Levine pays homage with her cover of “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye”. Songwriter Terry Kitchen lends his talent with the beautiful ballad “A Perfect Rose”( Terry is also featured on harmony vocals, guitar, bass, and mandolin). There are also songs of inspiration (“Be The Change”), painful and heartfelt irony (“By My Silence”) and traditional ballads (“Taladh Chrisoda” -phonetically pronounced “Ta-La-Da Cree-Os-Da”).

A song that hits home is the gorgeous “The Moment Slipped Away”-We’ve all had those times where we felt we could have made a difference with just a kind word or two to brighten someone’s day. Christine Lavin’s Words and Mara Levine’s angelic vocals tell us that we can always make a difference. We can change for the better.

This wonderful listening experience concludes with Mara’s beautiful rendition of Paul Simon’s “Song For The Asking”. Her effort shows her love and passion for the song and for the music. Thank you for including this song, Mara.

There are many reasons why Mara Levine has made it to number one on the folk charts. This album has 13. Most of all, it has been her perseverance, talent, her beautiful voice, and her love and passion for the music.

Mara, I wish you the best of everything that comes your way. May 2021 bring another #1 album!

Nick Arietano Jr. (The RecordLover)

Author: recordlover

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my page! I've been collecting records for over 36 years and it is my passion to search for original pressings of albums by The Beatles, Stones, British Invasion, 1960s-1970s artists, and more!

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